American Life


The full American experience. To feel home in my new room and get some basic things I went to Bed Bath & Beyond in El Cerrito, northern of Berkeley but only two BART stations away. First, I love that the metro here is called BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Next, when I got there I couldn’t stop thinking about the movie “Click”. If you saw it you may know.


I think we were the only people who actually took public transportation to go there, as you can see. El Cerrito has the typical mall area.


My first real consumer experience in the U.S. I can say, it was not easy to understand the difference between a comforter and a blanket and simply buy bedding. But I guess this means adapting to cultural differences.


Red Cups, Beer Pong, Drunk Freshmen. Yes, that is what we call a frat party.


New students at Berkeley get invited to the Chancellor’s Reception. The dress code was casual business, the music was classical music and the atmosphere was really fancy. I really liked the idea though that the Chancellor would introduce himself to new students and open his house and garden to us.



After introducing himself, his wife, son and dogs, the event was mostly composed by A cappella groups. All dressed up in Berkeley Blue and Yellow.


For Welcome Week there are two big events at Berkeley. One is Caltopia, but it generally consists of lining up for getting free food, presents or trying to win something. Nevertheless the moderate slogan is: “The two best days on Planet Earth”. The second one is mainly taking place on Sproul Plaza, what you can see on the photo. All student clubs, either political, sports, religious or whatsoever, would line up with tables and convince you to join. You get an impression what 40,000 students as a number actually means when being there.


The marching band and cheerleaders at Calapalooza.


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