Thanks to the visit of my besty I had the chance to experience the Bay Area even more. It was a wonderful week full of laughing, walking and exploring. This is a little homage to Berkeley’s colors and spirit.


Students in Berkeley really are liberal minded, free and creative.


A whole political manifest combined with some impressive street art.


A little music shop which I am planning on visiting soon. The building reminds me of a theatre some decades ago. Next to it one can find a shop for Vinyls as well. The Bay Area is a good environment for a music obsessed person who would be me.



A typical thrift shop. Is this what Macklemore was talking about?



A cute Mexican restaurant where we ate and drank on our first evening. It is located just around the corner, on my favorite street Euclid. You will surely see some more photos of that soon. Damn these Margaritas.


The unofficial mascot of Berkeley. Not the bear, but these cute little squirrels hopping around on campus.


We were all prepared for the Disney theme party at a frat. I was … well a mouse obviously? Duh. Mean Girls quotation.

Credits: Clara Speer / Rike Ludwig


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