Rock The Bells

The first official American road trip led us to Mountain View, to the Rock The Bells festival. It was the 10th year anniversary of the yearly festival that is hosted in L.A., San Francisco (Mountain View), New York and D.C. The small city of Mountain View is situated south of Palo Alto, heart of our dear enemy Stanford. It was a weekend full of first times. First time driving an automatic car, first time going to a festival, first road trip … Hardly to imagine that we had a great time. I was amazed to see some more of the Californian landscape. And of course, where there is a Hip Hop concert or festival, I am expected to be there. Enjoy the ride!




One of the first acts we saw performing on Saturday was Curren$y. He is not the rapper to put on a big show but simple and pure rap.


An idea of the mass of people at the festival, dancing and partying the whole day.


Pusha T performing. His new album “My Name Is My Name” has a weird title but definitely has some Kanye influence on it.


Common was surprisingly one of the best acts we have seen there, even if he was no headliner. With a live band and vocals and a lot of power and energy he just showed how rap can also be really lyrical and musical.


Kid Cudi as headliner and final act on Saturday. His performance was great and really capturing.


Our lovely car. Which was actually the cheapest one we could get, yes a Chevrolet instead of a Twingo or else. I miss it!


Crossing the ocean from the east side, driving south from Berkeley and Oakland, to the west side to Palo Alto and Mountain View.



Small lunch break in Palo Alto.




Palo Alto’s cute shops near the city center.


The Android headquarter gives some Silicon Valley impression and was not far from the Google and Facebook headquarter, where we also drove by but I was too slow to take photos of them. Hard to imagine how these huge global technologies operate from here. Some sightseeing for a communication major!


Arriving in Mountain View. I like the deserted landscape.




Did not take so many photos on Sunday but we also had a great day. We got offered free tickets to go near the stage so we could really experience TDE/Black Hippy. It was a great ending for the weekend.



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