For a while now I’ve been living in the coop system and it has become my new home. I was afraid before coming here to share my room with someone because that was a new experience for me. But my roommate has become my best friend and I would not want to miss that. The coop system itself is a really effective one, which should be adapted in other countries (reduced rental costs through contributing to the house with cleaning workshifts). At first it was mostly my only option because the dorms are so expensive around here but it also was the best option in any regard.

We had nice gatherings and parties throughout the semester, free food at any time of the day (new morning-and-late-night-bagel-with-cream-cheese love) and prepared dinners. And we have a rooftop, by far my favorite place in the whole house. I like to simply enjoy the sun and wind up there, our hammock and have a free mind for studying. What I like about Hoyt, my lovely only-women house, just as much is the free and artistic spirit you can capture everywhere, as you can see in some impressions below.


Our dining hall decorated for the first event of the semester, wine and cheese.


The entrance steps and part of our front garden.






Our second event was titled “Haunted House” for a room to room party. People in the house can decide whether they want to open up their room and serve drinks to the other girls and guests. We did a special edition for our room, “Haunted Hip-Hop House”.


The last party had the motto “1969” (people love motto parties here, I do too). Here I am in our main hallway with my roommate Hannah.


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