After a week of being in Cameroon and precisely in Nkongsamba, I was already able to explore some of its main city characteristics. Divided in three parts (Ier, IIém, IIIém), the city center holds most of its businesses, with small shops, food and clothes markets and ‘moto taxis’ all around.

People in general are really friendly and hospitable, especially our co-workers. Clearly, there is no way of not being a sort of ‘foreign matter’ here. Some tourists come in the dry season, but mostly it is populated with locals. Evidently, this will also be a clue experience of my stay.

The first district is also where our office is located, right in the administrative area, next to the prefect, the African bank, the justice department and others. On the left one can see part of the office building in the rare sunshine. 

Since we arrived in the wet season we will still deal with many rain showers and thunderstorms until the end of October. Funnily, you can also spot some goats happily running around these official buildings during the day.

Our chef ‘le maître’ is known very well around the city and region. It was equally important for him to introduce as to the political officials nearby, who are often representatives of the region Moungo, as Nkongsamba is the regional administrative center.

Our accomodation is sitting on the hills of the second district, next to ‘the cathedral’. During our stay we live in one of the buildings of the diocese of Nkongsamba, with the catholic sisters. They also provide Cameroonian food for us as part of the agreement with our organisation MOSOH. Besides conversations in the evening, I don’t really engage with the religious day-to-day too much. Though, it is valuable to experience a completely different religious culture from the one that I am used to.

Luckily enough, we have a perfect view to Mount Manengouba from up there, where clouds usually rest just near the top. Darkness rises quickly around 6 pm just as much grey skies, so that it is hard to experience sunsets. 

One evening I was able to see some pink-blue backdrops and felt happy to call this my home for the three months to come.


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