Les Chutes d’Ekom-Nkam

Our first trip led us to one of the main attractions in the area: ‘les Chutes d’Ekom-Nkam’. As one of the administrative languages is French, it comes on handy to practice my rusty vocabulary back from my stay in France 10 years ago.

With the packed car, friend and three kids of our chef and ‘le maître’ himself, we drove out on a Sunday noon of Nkongsamba’s urbain feel right into one of the most beautiful nature realms I’ve ever seen. Some of it, probably because of the climate, reminds me of Cuba. Still its impressions will endure even longer.

Not only did I take a nice shower at the bottom of the stairs, but also was I welcomed to Cameroon by learning my first lesson about not wearing shorts or forgetting about my Nobite in particularly humid areas. After the short walk down and up again my legs were blessed with many ‘moumouches’ bites, which are still itching and reminding me to this day.

Besides my little insect incident, we were lucky enough to experience the waterfall in sunshine. The arisen rainbow felt so close, as if I was able to touch it. I am hoping for more great discoveries as such during the upcoming weekends.

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